73 High Street, Porthmadog, Gwynedd, North Wales. LL49 9EU
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proprietors: David and Sara Cowper

Browsers Bookshop, Porthmadog is the point of departure for all your exotic journeys into the extra-ordinary, entrancing and captivating worlds of books and art. Travel with us through territories mapped and unmapped. We can help you explore along the way. For example, you could stop off at Aardvarks, Artists Materials, Astronomy, Australia, Archaeology or go by Bicycles, Creativity, Drawing, Dreams, Dry Stone Walls, Fiction, Geology, Huts, Inspiration, Knots, Lighthouses, The Little Prince, Maps, Mountains, Mines, Mists, Newfoundland, Rough Guides, Rumi, Snowdonia, Trains, Travel, Walking, Whales and Woodwork all the way through  to Zerzura , Ziggarats and Zulus…! And much, much more.

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